[S] CONFERENCE: Compstat 98 Final Call

peter.lane (peter.lane@bbsrc.ac.uk)
Fri, 31 Jul 98 14:57:02 +0100

COMPSTAT'98, Bristol, 24-28 August 1998
Over 300 people have now registered for this conference which is
devoted to all currently active areas in statistical computing.
It includes a software and publishers exhibition, with at least
18 exhibitors, and a full social programme. The programme and
registration information is available on the Internet at
We can accept new registrations up to the start of the conference,
but the deadline for University accommodation and most of the social
events is 6th August. If you would like further information, please
send a message to:
compstat-98 @ bristol.ac.uk
or write to
COMPSTAT'98, c/o G.M. Arnold, IACR - Long Ashton
Long Ashton, Bristol BS41 9AF, UK
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