[S] saving partial results from unfinished for loop

Franz-Josef Mueter (mueter@ims.uaf.edu)
Mon, 3 Aug 1998 07:01:42 -0800 (AKDT)

Dear S+ers

I have come across this several times now and thought I'd ask.
For saving results from bootstraping or some randomization test I often
write functions that
1. create an empty matrix for storing results
2. loop through i cases and perform a series of computations for each case
3. store result (either a single value or a vector) from the ith
computation in the ith row or column of the results matrix

Now sometimes I get impatient and would like to quit before the function
is finished. Is there any way to stop execution of the function, yet
somehow save the matrix of partial results (having neglected to built
appropriate features into the function itself!)

Thanks for any hints,



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