[S] title in post.tree & post.rpart

Marc R. Feldesman (feldesmanm@pdx.edu)
Wed, 05 Aug 1998 07:20:06 -0700

Thanks for your responses to my query about using "title" in post.tree and
post.rpart. Sorry for the lack of complete information, but following some
suggestions I got:

Using SPlus 4.5, here is the error message for post.rpart


post.rpart(rpart.out, title="Humerus Data", file="pretty")

Error in post.rpart(rpart.out, title = "..: Object "title."
not found

I get the same error

Using post.tree SPlus emits a Page Fault in SQPE with the same function:
(except rpart.out is now tree.obj to make it a valid tree object) (e.g.)

post.tree(tree.obj, title="Humerus Data", file="pretty.ps")

Page Fault in SQPE


post.tree(tree.obj, title="Humerus Data", file="") generates a the same
page fault. I can't find anything that says you can't use a blank file
name to write to the "screen" (GSD2).

I have completely reinstalled SPlus 4.5 (Win 95) just to make certain that
the code for SPlus wasn't corrupt and I, of course, rebooted my machine
after getting the first Page Fault.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Marc R. Feldesman
email: feldesmanm@pdx.edu
email: feldesman@ibm.net
pager: 503-870-2515
fax: 503-725-3905

"If ignorance is bliss then why aren't there more happy people?" Lawrence

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