Re: [S] title in post.tree & post.rpart
Wed, 5 Aug 1998 10:45:18 -0400

From: Max Kuhn@BDX on 08/05/98 10:45 AM

For plots generated without using the gui (or with it, for that matter),
some of the graphics oriented menu items may still apply. When I
generate plots for the command line, I can use the "insert" menu
to add a title. In this menu, the "title" options may not allow you to
add a title, but I have never found a case where the "text" option
on this menu does not. You can add the title using this option and
then reformat/resize the text box to how and where you want it.
I'm sure this isn't the fix you were looking for, but it will probably work
as a temporary solution.

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