[S] COURSE: Statistical Modelling and Advanced Programming in S-PLUS (Oxford, UK)

David Smith (dsmith@mathsoft.co.uk)
Thu, 6 Aug 1998 15:34:17 +0100

MathSoft International presents:

Statistical Modelling and Advanced Programming in S-PLUS
A training course in S-PLUS

30th September - October 2nd 1998

The course will be presented by Dr. Bill Venables and MathSoft
International staff. Dr. Venables is an experienced lecturer in
Statistics, an internationally reknowned S-PLUS expert, and co-author
of the hugely popular book "Modern Applied Statistics with S-PLUS".
The course is your opportunity to gan an in depth knowledge on how to
become an efficient S programmer and will focus on programming with
vectors and objects.

This course is predominantly makes use of the underlying S-PLUS
language, and does not focus on the S-PLUS 4 for Windows graphical
user interface. Course presentations will be backed up by frequent
practical sessions. All participants will be provided with a personal
computer for the exercises, and tutors will be constantly on hand to
assist with questions. All those who apply in advance are entitled to
a free copy of the book "Modern Applied Statistics with S-PLUS" to
assist in preparation for the course.

Who will benefit:
Data analysts who use standard modelling techniques and want to know
how to apply them effectively in S-PLUS. This course will improve and
extend your statistical modelling skills and programming techniques.

Review of S-PLUS language and graphics, design, linear modelling,
generalised linear modelling, nonlinear regression models, tree based
modelling. The advanced programming techniques include object
oriented programming, language manipulation, efficiency, and clever
debugging. A sneak preview of S-PLUS 5 (based on the new S 4
language) will be provided.

Recommended Prerequisites:
Some knowledge of the theory of linear models, S-PLUS object types,
and the ability to write functions in S-PLUS. Some familiarity with
the book "Modern Applied Statistics with S-PLUS" would be an advantage.

Cost for 3-day course
Commercial: 895 pounds
Academic: 575 pounds
10% discount for S-PLUS users with software maintenance

Oxford University Computing Services
13, Banbury Rd,
Oxford OX3


Fax or email confirmation to :
MathSoft International,
Knghtway House
Park Street
Surrey GU19 5AQ

Course limited to 15 places - book early!!!

PS. Places are still available for the following courses:
- Statistical Data Mining Using S-PLUS
Prof. Brian Ripley 15-18 September
- S-PLUS for ArcView GIS and Spatial Statistics in S-PLUS
Prof. Peter Diggle 23-25 September
Contact Mathsoft International for further details.

David M Smith  (dsmith@mathsoft.co.uk)
Mathsoft International, Bagshot, UK
Tel +44 01276 452299 x212
Fax +44 01276 451224

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