[S] An Outstanding Conference on Applied Statistics

David A. Stock (David_A._Stock@ccmail.bms.com)
Thu, 06 Aug 1998 13:08:19 -0400

The Deming Conference is an excellent opportunity for applied statisticians to
expand their knowledge of the field. A short description of the conference is
attached below.


Each year the Deming Conference brings together outstanding speakers from
academia and industry to teach applied statistics in a tutorial format. The
speakers are experts in their areas, and have extensive experience both using
the methods and teaching them to others. The conference will be held from
December 7 to 11, at the Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ. Complete
conference information, and registration materials, are available by contacting
the conference organizers (see below) or through the web at:

This year's conference features a dozen three-hour tutorials, and a pair of
two-day short courses. The tutorials are offered during the first three days
of the conference (December 7-9), and cover topics in applied statistics,
biostatistics, and clinical trials. Conference participants may register for
all three days, or any single day. The short courses follow the tutorials.
One of these courses is on multiple comparisons, and the other is on data
mining. Registration for the short courses is separate from the tutorials.

The short-courses feature clear, accessible, expositions of cutting edge
methodology that can be used to deal with issues of growing concern to
statisticians. These courses assume no prior expertise, and contain numerous
case studies showing how to apply the methods to practical problems. The first
by Peter Westfall (Texas Tech University) and Dror Rom (Prosoft Software, Inc.)
INTRODUCTION", is being given by Richard DeVeaux (Williams College), and Lyle
Ungar (University of Pennsylvania.)

The tutorial sessions offer solid introductions to areas important to applied
statisticians. This year's tutorials are:

Dallas Johnson "An Introduction to the Analysis of Repeated
Measures Experiments Using Mixed Models"

Ed Gehan "Statistics in Medical Research:
Developments in Clinical Trials"

Norman Draper "Applied Regression Analysis Third Edition:
What's In, What's Out, and Why"

Bert Gunter "Applying Tree-Based Regression Analysis to
the Analysis of Designed Experiments"

James Berger "Bayesian (and Conditional Frequentist)
Hypothesis Testing and Model Selection"

Daniel Zelterman "Coordinate-Free Log-Linear Models for
Discrete Data"

Robert Strawderman "Handling Small Sample Problems in
& Martin Wells Biostatistics: Applications to Survival

Dennis Cook "Ideas for Studying Regression Through

Kylan Ghosh & Ivan Chan "Design and Analysis of Equivalence Trials"

Vance Berger "Connecting Clinical Trial Design
to Data Analysis"

Dan Carr "From Graph Design Principles to Graphical
Templates that Facilitate Understanding"

Rukmini Rajagopalan "Statistical Principles in Pharmacoeconomic

Books related to the topics covered at the conference are available to anyone
at a significant discount. An order form can be obtained at the conference
website: nimbus.temple.edu/~kghosh/deming98/.

If you would like further information about the Deming Conference but do not
have access to the web, please contact: Walter R. Young, Wyeth-Ayerst Research,
PO Box 42528, Philadelphia, PA 19101, email: youngw@war.wyeth.com, fax: (610)
989-4553 or David Stock, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Department 716, 5 Research
Parkway, Wallingford, CT 06438, (203) 677-3553.
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