[S] MathSoft Announces S-PLUS 5.0 for Solaris and Linux

Cheryl Mauer (cmauer@statsci.com)
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 08:59:00 -0700

Today MathSoft announced the upcoming release of S-PLUS 5.0 for Solaris and
Linux. These are the first releases of S-PLUS to include the S version 4
language from Lucent Technologies and it is the first time that Linux is
supported as a platform for S-PLUS. These releases also include:

*improved support for large data set analysis
*a complete system for analyzing calendar time series
*additional statistics functionality including resampling methods,
parametric survival analysis, power and sample size analysis, and new and
improved robust regression methods
*improved import/export capabilities including support for spreadsheet
files, SAS, SPSS, Matlab as well as access to Unix relational databases
(Oracle, Sybase, Informix)
*ability to create PDF graphics

S-PLUS 5.0 is fully backward compatible. You can use old classes as well
as the new class system in the SV4 language. This new release is also fully
Year 2000 Compliant.

For more information on S-PLUS 5.0, see the MathSoft web site at:


S-PLUS 3.4 for Unix users who are members of the S-PLUS Software and
Support Subscription Plan (formerly known as the S-PLUS Maintenance plan)
will automatically receive updates to S-PLUS 5.0. Customers whose
maintenance has lapsed are encouraged to contact their sales representative
for information on upgrading.

S-PLUS 5.0 is tentatively scheduled to begin shipping to North American
customers in early October. Shipping times to other countries will be
slightly longer. The Linux version is scheduled to begin shipping in North
America at the end of October. HP, AIX, DEC Unix, and SGI versions will
become available over the next several months.

Cheryl Mauer, Director of Marketing Phone 206-283-8802 x.264
MathSoft, Inc. Fax 206-283-8691
1700 Westlake Ave N. Ste 500 http://www.mathsoft.com/splus/
Seattle, WA 98109 cmauer@statsci.com

1998 International S-PLUS User Conference,
October 8-9, 1998
Washington, DC

Including One Day Workshops:
"Effective Programming in S" with Bill Venables and Brian Ripley
"Modern Data Analysis Techniques in S-PLUS" with Brian Ripley and Bill
"Strategies for Developing and Validating Predictive Models" with Frank
"Financial Topics in S-PLUS" with Doug Martin

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