[S] (Wavelets) Extracting crystal coefficients from multiple dwt

Mon, 10 Aug 1998 14:53:28 -0400

From: Brandon L. Paris

Hello --

I have a collegue who is performing some work using wavelets. She is using
S-plus 4.0 with the Wavelets package. (Please forgive me, as my knowledge
of wavelets is limited. I am simply posting the message because she
doesn't subscribe to the list). She has 98 records of data (in a
data.frame object) that she would like to fit wavelets to using dwt. For
each dwt call, she would like to extract the coefficients for each crystal
in the dwt object (She believes that the same crystals will be used for
each set of data, but is not sure if the number of coefficients for each
crystal will be constantwill be constant). Assuming that the same crystals
will be used for each model, is there an easy way to extract the
coefficients . . . does anyone have S-plus code that performs this task?
It seems that top.atoms() extracts the N largest coefficients from an
object, which is not quite what she wants. Replies can be sent to
blparis@kodak.com (me) or esato@kodak.com (Erika Sato). TIA.

Brandon L. Paris
Productivity and Quality Improvement Division
Eastman Kodak Company

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