[S] color conflicts

Albyn Jones (jones@reed.edu)
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 11:30:24 -0700 (PDT)

I just switched from the basic twm windowing system on a Sparc
to ctwm. As part of the switch, I spiffed up my "desktop" by
changing from gray backround and B&W window borders to lots of
color. This has had an unfortunate side effect - I can no longer
open a graphics window or the help browser. Here is an example
of the kind of error message I get:

{56} Splus
S-PLUS : Copyright (c) 1988, 1995 MathSoft, Inc.
S : Copyright AT&T.
Version 3.3 Release 1 for DEC alpha, OSF1 V3.2 : 1995
Working data will be in /home/jones/.Data
Cannot allocate colormap entry for default background

X11 Toolkit Error : Cannot allocate named color.

Error in .C("S_send_ps_int",: Current graphics device died: remove it with
Error was while calling subroutine "S_send_ps_int"

OK, I'm really running this remotely on a Dec Alpha, because the
installation on my Sparc has gotten mangled in the process, but the same
thing used to happen locally as well if I had a color application
like netscape running at the same time. It wasn't a big problem
before - I'd just kill the offending process. But after spending
2 days getting ctwm to work, I'd like a better solution.


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