[S] Cannot export graph as windows metafile on Splus4.5 running on Windows NT4

Ashish Sharma (a.sharma@unsw.edu.au)
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 11:52:47 +1000

Hello all,

I have Splus 4.5 running on a Windows NT 4 workstation. Whenever I try and
export any graph created using Splus to a wmf file the Splus hangs up and
gives me a box saying "This action cannot be completed because the other
program is busy. Choose 'Switch To' to activate the busy program and correct
the problem". When I press the 'Switch To' option (the other option being
'Retry') it starts the Microsoft 'Start' button without giving me any
indication what I should do next.

This first box goes away after about 3 minutes. At this stage the 'Messages'
box pops up and says:
"Failed to export graph to 'C:\WINNT\Profiles\ashish\Desktop\temp.WMF'. This
may be due to missing the automation server 'SDLL16.EXE' in your program
startup directory."

When I look at which programs are running at this stage I find that two
extra applications - "wowexec.exe" and "sdll16.exe" running. They keep on
running even after I stop Splus. When I restart Splus and export a graph
again as a windows metafile another two sdll16.exe's starts running
alongwith the earlier ones.

Is there some way to fix this problem - I presume this must be unique to my
machine else others would have raised this issue before - but me and the
computer personnel at my workplace have no idea how to resolve the issue and
have wasted too much time trying to uninstall and reinstall Splus using
whatever different installation options were offered.

The PC is a 333 MHz Pentium II with 128 MB RAM.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have.


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