[S] Again a problem with post.tree()

Thu, 20 Aug 98 16:35:00 +0200


I have a problem importing PostScript graphics produced
by post.tree() into Word97 (under NT4). I use Splus 3.4, HP-UX,
and import trellis and other graphics via PostScript files
into Word ("Insert Picture from File", and then converting them as
"Encapsulated PostScript"). On a PostScript printer, they
print out perfectly.

The files produced by post.tree() however cannot be imported
into Word97: an error (not specified) occurs. I already solved
this problem once, but do not remember. Using GsView 2.1 and
converting PS to EPS will give a file than can be imported into
Word97, but then does not print out on the PostScript printer.

There should be a workaround! Thanks in advance for your help!

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