[S] Limiting number of tick intervals on the z-axes in persp()

Kristian S. Gleditsch (ksg@cfia.harvard.edu)
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 14:24:06 -0400

Dear all,

Is there a way to set the number of ticks on the z-axis in persp()? I can
change it with lab(x,y,llen), but only by changing the y-axis as well. Any
help would be appreciated.

I am running SPlus 3.3 under Windows 95

Kristian Gleditsch

Kristian S. Gleditsch
Fellow, Harvard-MIT Data Center, Ph.D. Candidate, U. of Colorado
Mailing address: Weatherhead Center for International Affairs
1737 Cambridge St., Room 416A, Cambridge, MA 02138
tel: (617) 495-9876, fax: (617) 495-8292, ksg@cfia.harvard.edu
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