[S] Job Opening: Quantitative Analyst

Leo Guzman (leog@guzman.com)
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 15:59:06 -0400

Quantitative Analyst
Securities firm headquartered in Miami is seeking a Quantitative Analyst to
undertake the development of a major quantitative research effort. The position
entails the manipulation of financial databases and the development of analytic
products based on them. Successful candidate will have: (a) excellent knowledge
and experience in C++ programming. S+ is a plus; (b) graduate degree
preferred: Computer Science/Math/Statistics/Quantitative Finance major. Must
be capable of understanding the academic Finance literature and applying it to
the development of practical analysis; and (c) professional interest in the
application to the securities industry of database and statistical tools.
Guzman & Company is an NYSE institutional brokerage firm that operates in
technologically advanced areas of brokerage. The firm has entrepreneurial,
technology-oriented management that recognizes the need for innovation and
creativeness to prosper in competitive environment.
Please fax your resume to Agnes Kettyles at (305) 374-0731 or e-mail to
leog@guzman.com. Please no phone calls.


Leo Guzman. President
Guzman & Company
1200 Brickell Avenue, 14th Floor
Miami, FL 33131
(305) 374-3600 Fax (305) 374-0731
mailto: leog@guzman.com

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