[S] cmdscale with similarities?

Isabelle Piroth (piroth@crpcu.lu)
Mon, 24 Aug 98 14:51 MET DST

Dear S+Users,

I would like to obtain a graphical representation of the distances
and proximities between points.

The cmdscale function can be used for a distance structure.
Nevertheless the data I use represent similarities,
that is to say the higher the values, the nearer the points.

Does a solution to this problem exist?

Is there a way to change the similarities into distances?

Thank you very much for your help

Isabelle Piroth
Cellule STADE
13, rue de Bragance
Tel: +352 44 01 95
Fax:+352 44 73 52

e-mail: piroth@crpcu.lu

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