[S] installation of release 2 of splus4.5 on windows 95 problems

Fri, 28 Aug 1998 20:12:43 -0400

Dear S-PLUS community

I am trying to install release 2 in vain
Any help will be appreciated
Thanks in advance.

subject: decompression of release 2 failed for lack of space (but there
is plenty of space on the drive)

I have a windows 95 operating system
I have professional version of splus 4.5 release 1

I downloaded sp45r1-2.exe file from the internet
into the subdirectory called
this is not the typical name of the directory you suggest!

now i issued the command

computer says
the decompression of %s failed.
There may not be enough space available in TEMP directory.

This does not make sense!
When i do chkdsk in e: there is more than one gig of space available on =
Actually I have over 800 megs on C: drive also

I tried changing the autoexec.bat file in vain.
I tried issuing the command
set temp=3DE:\temp
that also does not work!

Did anybody else have a similar problem

H. D. Vinod
Professor of Economics
Fordham Univ.
New York

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