Re: [S] postscript from cgi-bin

A.J. Rossini (
03 Sep 1998 14:46:47 -0700

"Jae K. Lee" <> writes:

> We are using Splus 3.4 on sgi UNIX workstations. We want to create
> postscript files in S-plus invoked from cgi-bin. After calling
> postscript, the cgi-bin program hangs if any plot() or hist() is
> performed. Has anyone had experience with this, or do you know what
> might be going wrong?

When I tried doing this years ago, I recall that I had to make sure
that the directory I put the postscript files was writable by the
"user" executing the CGI script (so, either "nobody", or whoever is
executing the scripts). We also had to hack the Splus initialization
script to get it to work at all (I can't recall what it is that we
needed to change there, but there were one or two small environmental
things). This was on Suns, with apache.

I think we ended up using gnuplot for later work.... sigh...


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