[S] Loading Excel *.xla from Splus.

Tue, 8 Sep 1998 16:33:27 +0100


I want to use Splus to load and execute an excel *.xla file
(to make some user defined excel functions visible to Splus).

The following code loads the file but doesnt execute it

pExcel <- create.ole.object( "excel.application" )
pVisible <- set.ole.property( pExcel, list( visible=T ) )
pWorkBooks <- get.ole.property( pExcel, "workbooks" ) [[1]]
pNewBook2 <- call.ole.method( pWorkBooks , "Open", "c:\\temp\\book.xla")

The VBA equivqlent of what I think I need to tell Excel is

Workbooks.Open(Filename:="c:\\temp\\book.xla").RunAutoMacros Which:=xlAutoOpen

but I cant see how to do this using SPlus.

I have looked in splus4\samples\oleauto\splus
and the programmer's guide chp 15 without success.

I am on NT4.0 with SPlus 4.5 Professional Release 2.



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