[S] Object Browsers

Catherine Collins (ccollins@igs.net)
Tue, 08 Sep 1998 14:28:34 -0400

Hello S-World (esp. Win 95 users)

I would like to be able to customize S-Plus 4.5 in Win 95 so that it
launches the object browser appropriate to my session. To organize my
work, I create a directory for each project containing _data and _prefs
subdirectories. I have an S-Plus shorcut icon for each project that sets
S_PROJ to the appropriate data directory so that S-Plus will launch in
the right directory. This works. But each project has its own browser
(i.e. *.sbf file) in the startup directory for that project and that's
the browser I want to see. Unfortunately, I get either the default
browser or the browser of the previous project.

Can anyone suggest a fix? Does anyone have a better way of organizing
different projects and keeping them distinct in S-Plus?

Catherine Collins.

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