[S] Factoring an integer

Gunter, Bert (bert_gunter@merck.com)
Thu, 10 Sep 1998 09:58:44 -0400

As a postscript to Bill Venables's integer factorization code, it is perhaps
worthwhile mentioning that factoring an integer into its prime factors is a
classical problem, a standard exercise in a first programming course (using
the sieve procedure that Bill coded), and a topic of intense current
research. The latter is because it is relatively easy to multiply (very
large) primes to find their product but relatively difficult to factor a
large integer into its prime factors. This dichotomy is the basis of
so-called trap door algorithms that are at the heart of many current public
key encryption systems; which in turn supposedly hold the key to to secure
transactions and therefore commercialization of the Internet. Funny how
"simple" mathematical issues can lead to such important consequences.


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