[S] Object Browser in Splus 4.5 - Summary

Catherine Collins (ccollins@igs.net)
Thu, 10 Sep 1998 16:55:40 -0400

Thanks to everyone who replied to my question about launching S-Plus
with a different object browser for each project. The original posting
is given below. Using an idea from Hiroyuki Seki, this seems to be the
simplest way to do what I want.

- Create directory Project (say) to contain the files, objects and _Data
subdirectory pertaining to the project of interest.
- Create an object browser for this project (Project.sbf, say) and save
it in directory Project.
- Create a disktop shortcut for Project.sbf. Use this to launch S-Plus
(not Splus.exe, as I had thought.)
- Under Options, General, Startup, leave the browser box unchecked (so
as not to get the default browser as well) and check "Set S_Proj to
working directory." This ensures that Project will be in the search path
when S-Plus begins.


> I would like to be able to customize S-Plus 4.5 in Win 95 so that it
> launches the object browser appropriate to my session. To organize my
> work, I create a directory for each project containing _data and _prefs
> subdirectories. I have an S-Plus shorcut icon for each project that sets
> S_PROJ to the appropriate data directory so that S-Plus will launch in
> the right directory. This works. But each project has its own browser
> (i.e. *.sbf file) in the startup directory for that project and that's
> the browser I want to see. Unfortunately, I get either the default
> browser or the browser of the previous project.

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