[S] Presentation of S-PLUS 4.5 in Austria

Paul Jimenez (paul.j@pablitos.co.at)
Mon, 14 Sep 1998 14:22:13 +0100

Ladies and gentlemen,

we are happy to invite you to our free S-PLUS demonstrations this week:

S-PLUS 4.5 Professional demonstration in Vienna
on Friday, Sept. 18th 1998 at 2 o´clock p.m.

at the Vienna Economic University, Augasse 2-6, UZA II, Ebene 1 (Centre for
informatics and statistics)

S-PLUS 4.5 Professional demonstration at PABLITOS Software, near Graz,
on Thursday, Sept. 17th, 1998 at 2 o´clock p.m.

Details regarding S-PLUS and the scheduled demonstrations can also be
obtained through our webpage: www.pablitos.co.at/pablitos/ (in German
language). If you click the button "Wegweiser" you will get a detailed
description of how to get to PABLITOS Software.

David Smith, S-Plus expert from MathSoft International, will demonstrate
the product and answer your questions. There are some seats still
available, your feedback will be greatly appreciated - please e-mail to
katja.o@pablitos.co.at - thank you.

We would be happy to see you at our presentation. As we want to make it as
comfortable as possible for you, please give us a short note if you would
like to come to one of the presentations (via email to

PABLITOS Software is the Austrian distributor for S-PLUS and a software
company specialized in scientific and technical software. For further
information about S-PLUS and other software look at our website
http://www.pablitos.co.at/ or contact us by phone or via email,

thanks for your attention,

your PABLITOS Software Team.

P.S. Please pass this information on to a colleague who might be interested
in attending.

PABLITOS Software GesmbH Tel.: (+43) 03117-5101-0 Fax: 5101-90
Edelsbachstrasse 50 EMail: office@pablitos.co.at

A-8063 Eggersdorf b. Graz WWW: http://www.pablitos.co.at
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