[S] difficulty reading rts

Gene Felber (gfelber@rxttm.com)
Tue, 15 Sep 1998 09:46:53 -0400

Dear all:

I've encountered a problem with PC S+ 4.5 while trying to import/convert
regular time series (rts) data from a data frame. Using the following (10
years of monthly data):

data.rts <- rts(data.framename, start=1986, frequency=12, units="months")

results in fractions of years displayed, instead of whole numbers, with the
object browser. Further (and more importantly), functions do not work
appropriately, e.g., the function tspar also reports, inaccurately, deltat
as 1 instead of 0.833. Removing the frequency argument from the above
appears to correct the year problem as displayed with the object browser,
but daltat is still 1. I recall the above working in previous versions.
Have I forgotten something?

BTW- I've managed to correct these problems by importing these data using

data.rts <- rts(scan('C:\lotsofsubdirs\data.txt'), start=1986, frequency=12,

but shouldn't have to do this, should I?

Thank you in advance.


Gene Felber

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