Re: [S] How much RAM is needed for Splus 4 ?

PT Quants Group Dir (
Wed, 16 Sep 1998 13:50:32 -0400


Try upgrading using latest svc pack on Splus site. It will cut loading time to
1/4. 2 min to about 20 secs or less. Upgrade to 4.5 does similar result. It
improves performance some what.
RAM could definitely help. I suggest at least 64MB, but Splus is very slow
language. If you have need for speed, then try C programs. If you do not like
that route try Gauss (Aptech), Ox (Jurgen Doornik), or O-matrix. They should be
100 to 500% faster than Splus, but they lack some of the features in Splus.
is a good source to take a look at different packages. Stefan is bit of Gauss
fan, but he really has a lot of stuff on other packages as well. He has speed
comparision some where around there as well.

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