[S] Transferring S-Plus Data Sets

Kim Elmore (elmore@nssl.noaa.gov)
Fri, 18 Sep 1998 08:32:30 -0500 (CDT)

Aplogies for what must be a *very* simple problem to address. I'm
running S-Plus 4.5 Release 2 on an NT machine. I've done a fair bit of
work with several data sets and would like to clone these on another
machine using a Zip disk. I naively copied the contents of the entire
directory I'm using to hold my S-Plus data sets containing the _Data,
_Prefs and _Help subdirectories, the __init, __prev and _Help
subdirectories within _Data along with the various S-Plus files above the
_Data subdirectory. In short, I cloned the whole thing onto a Zip disk.

When I create a browser page for these data, nothing appears
available, yet all the files are physically there. I'm aware of naming
convention issues between windows and unix and of how S-Plus deals with
the 8.3 mapping problems, but thought that moving everything in total
would alleviate problems. Obviously, I'm ignorant on yet another S-Plus

I'm sure that this is easy to do, but I haven't yet seen anything
specifically pointed at cloning S-Plus data directories. Any insights
much appreciated.

Kim Elmore

Kim Elmore, [N5OP, PP ASMEL/Glider 2232456]
"All of Meteorology is divided into three parts: Yes, No and Maybe. The
greatest of these is Maybe." -- The original Latin appears to be garbled.

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