[S] Exporting Graphs in Win

Michael Conklin (mconklin_1@cresearch.com)
Fri, 18 Sep 1998 16:09:56 -0500

I am running S-plus 4.5 on Windows NT. I want to export graphs as Windows Metafiles so my colleagues (who do not have S-Plus) can import them into
MS-Word documents. Normally, this is a simple job -- but I am generating 51
graphs at a time. So opening each graphsheet and copying the graph to the clipboard is NOT an option. I was hoping the PowerPoint Wizard would help but it needs each graph saved as a separate graphsheet and since the application I am using generates 3 graphs at a time this does not work. I tried to set the options to generate a new graphsheet for each graph but it seems to only overwrite each graph on the same graphsheet.

If I try inserting an SPlus Graphsheet object into Word as explained on page 180 of the manual - Splus insists on writing my graphs to a different graphsheet.

Any suggestions?

Michael Conklin

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