[S] S: Win95, error when copying graph sheet page

John Maindonald (john.maindonald@anu.edu.au)
Sun, 20 Sep 1998 11:24:49 +1000

I'm running S-PLUS4.5, release 2 (17 Jul 98) under Windows 95.
I start a new session and run the following function thus

> testcp
function(x, y, ...)
ns <- seq(along = cp) - 1
plot(ns, y, axes = F, xlab = "cp", type = "o",
axis(2, ...)
axis(1, at = ns, lab = paste(x), ...)

> cp <- c(0.176, 0.118, 0.02, 0.016)
> xerr <- c(1, 1.294, 1.059, 1.176)
> testcp(x=cp,y=xerr)

Thus far all is well. The graph appears as it should.
Now I bring down the Edit menu and click on "Copy graph sheet page".
I get the Windows 95 message:
"This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down."

As far as I can tell the `culprit' is the second of the calls to axis(),
but only if my version of testcp() has a ... parameter. I get the error
on two separate S-PLUS4.5 installations. I cannot reliably reproduce the
problem in a session where I have previously done other computations.
The problem first arose with graphs produced with plotcp() from the
RPART library.

Why should the attempt to copy a graph sheet page trigger the problem?

Another way to induce the "This program ..." message is to try to save
a script window on top of an already existing script file with the same

John Maindonald.

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