[S] several questions

Tue, 22 Sep 1998 04:36:22 EDT

I have version 4.5 of S Plus Professional. It's nice with the Windows
interface but I'm trying to learn how to do things using the command window.

1. How do I open a graphics device? I see that there is a command
graphics.off( ) but no graphics.on( ). In other words, I want to create a plot
from the command line, not the Graph choice on the tool bar.

2. Regarding model selection, my professor wants us to use the Bayesian
Information Criterior, also called Schwarz criterion. I have scoured the S
Plus manual and help library and can't find how to invoke this command. The
example he gave us uses bic but I keep getting a message that there isn't a
command called bic?

Maybe my syntax is incorrect. The dependent variable is CL (cost of labor) and
the independent variables are UR (unemployment rate), ManDum(1 if the
observation is for the manufacturing sector, 0 otherwise) and BusDum(1 if the
observation is for the business sector, 0 otherwise). The third sector is

The only thing included in the S Plus Statistics Manual for model selection is
the stepwise regression but no BIC.

3. The toolbar has something you click on and it "goes in" and it's the DRAFT
MODE. What is the draft mode? I can't find it anywhere in the help module or S
Plus provided books (i.e. from Mathsoft). Does it mean that the printing of
things will be in draft mode?

Thanks, Susan M. Mangiero
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