[S] using source(filename) command

Thu, 24 Sep 1998 16:00:25 EDT

Hi. I have a function which is in a file called bicfunction.txt and it's on a
floppy. I'm using Windows 98 as my operating system. I've read the VR book,
page 61 and page 513 and the S+ help screen for source.

I've tried lots of variations such as source("a:\\bicfunction.txt") to call
the commands in bicfunction.txt into my S+ window so that I don't have to
retype the code.

Nothing is working. On page 513 of the VR book, it says source(file,local=F).

Does the file name have to be in quotes and should it include the extension?

What does local=F refer to? Is that where I specify that the file is on a
floppy in the a drive?

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