Re: [S] Warning: GUI Spreadsheet editor full of bugs

Jeffrey J. Hallman (m1jjh00@Frb.GOV)
Fri, 25 Sep 1998 10:00:58 -0400

>>>>> "G" == Gunter, Bert <> writes:
about his troubles entering data in a spreadsheet, followed by this...

G> Anyway, this is far too simple a task to put up with this nonsense, and I
G> did nothing that was unusual. This appears to be yet another example of
G> the difficulty S-Plus has had trying to integrate "standard" gui
G> functionality into S-Plus. I endorse the effort, but, for the moment, it
G> ain't ready for prime time so far as I'm concerned. I'll stick with the
G> command line, at least when it comes to data entry. Of course, like most
G> list readers I suspect), the gui would be for me only occasional useful
G> (though it is essential for the scientists with whom I collaborate if
G> they are to use the software), and I'd abandon S-Plus like a shot if they
G> ever gave up the command interface.

The GUI stuff in Splus is too complicated. If all you're interested in is
menubars and menus, and you can run Splus in an Emacs buffer (which seems to
rule out the Windows versions for now), you might have a look at the menusys
package I put up on Statlib. I also have Splus functions that can throw
simple data objects up in an Emacs buffer for editing.


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