[S] Equally scaled plots on a multipanel graph sheet

Kemal Buyukkurt (pinarbk@total.net)
Sat, 26 Sep 1998 12:09:21 -0400

I would like to draw EQUALLY SCALED 2D scatter plots for three variables on
the same page ( a multipanel graph page). I am interested in displaying the
interpoint distances using the same scaling of the axes without distorting
the geometric configuration of the points: the distances should be
comparable from one panel to the next. The variables are expressed in the
same unit, but their ranges differ.

Since I have recently become an S-PLUS user, I am not familiar with
constructing "equally scaled plots". I do not know if it is possible to have
a multipanel page with equally scaled plots using S-PLUS. I experimented
with various ways of drawing each of the three 2D graphs (2 variables at a
time) using the dialog boxes of S-PLUS 4.5, but could not succeed yet to put
all of the graphs on the same page where interpoint distances are comparable
across the plots. Drs. Venables and Ripley discuss briefly "equally scaled
plots" in their book which is titled "Modern Applied Statistics with
S-PLUS"(2 ed. p. 76), and mention that their function EQSCPLOT can handle
equally scaled plots rather easily. Although I have downloaded their library
from the site for their book, I am not familiar with how to use their
functions yet.

I would appreciate any suggestions in addressing this problem. For those who
may want to take a crack at this problem, my data set is given below. The
first three columns correspond to the three variables that I want to plot,
and the last column denotes the symbols that I would like to use in plotting
the points.

var1 var2 var3 symbol
0.163893 -0.921358 1.250178 A
0.446454 0.387595 0.132318 B
0.187606 0.070151 -0.197250 C
-0.254304 0.798537 0.018462 D
-0.968456 0.061077 -0.277669 E
-0.033230 -0.053535 -0.197795 F
0.458037 -0.342466 -0.728245 G

Thank you.

Note: I am using S-PLUS 4.5.

K. Buyukkurt, Associate Professor of Marketing
Concordia University, 1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W.
Montreal, Quebec H3G 1M8, Canada
Phone: (Office) (514) 848 2947

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