[S] RE: importation of SAS transport files into Unix S-Plus

Stein, Christopher D (christopher_d_stein@groton.pfizer.com)
Tue, 29 Sep 1998 18:23:40 -0400

Hopefully, this is not an inappropriate use of this mailing list:

I have a full-time long term consulting opportunity for someone with
the following general qualifications:

- In depth knowledge of SAS and S-Plus required
- Statistics background (degree in statistics, a related field, or
equivalent experience)
- S-Plus administrative experience also desirable - making it play
properly in PC and Unix
environments here at Pfizer
- Unix experience required. Shell programming experience desirable
- Vax experience desirable
- Experience with other statistical packages desirable, especially

The position involves supporting the use of SAS, S-Plus, and
potentially a number of other statistical packages by a user community which
varies widely both in expertise and in the types of problems that they need
to solve.

Part of each week will be spent taking requests for help as a
"statistical software support specialist" on call from our main help desk.

Other time will be spent working on special projects such as:
- testing statistical software, including beta testing SAS
version 7
- presenting to staff members on use of SAS and S-Plus and their
- application development and maintenance in SAS and S-Plus

Pfizer is an extremely interesting and fun place to work. You will
not be bored.

> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Chris Stein
> Mgr., SAS and Statistical Software Support Services
> Pfizer Central Research
> Groton, CT 06370
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