RE: [S] Warning: GUI Spreadsheet editor full of bugs

John Maindonald (
Wed, 30 Sep 1998 15:12:34 +1000 (EST)

Bert Gunter wrote

> Norm Olsen's Post reminds me that I must publicly eat crow. With
> patient and UNsolicited help from Mathsoft Technical support, we
> discovered that somehow some of the critical _prefs files in my
> latest patch got corrupted and that is WHY I experienced the
> problems I did. Once I reloaded the clean default files, things
> worked as they should have. So IT WAS MY PROBLEM, not S-Plus's. GUI
> away, if you will.

I wonder whether it is quite that simple. Corruptions in the __sum4*.*
files and/or in the _Prefs files seem disturbingly common. I can only
conclude that there are bugs in S-PLUS4.5 which lead to the corruption
of these files. What other explanation is possible. Corrupt files do
sometimes appear elsewhere under Windows 95, but they are relatively

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