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Listers -

I apologize to those of you who read this when I incorrectly
showed the subject as "RE: importation of SAS transport files into Unix
S-Plus". By re-titling it, perhaps more people will open and read it.



> Hopefully, this is not an inappropriate use of this mailing list:
> I have a full-time long term consulting opportunity for someone with
> the following general qualifications:
> - In depth knowledge of SAS and S-Plus required
> - Statistics background (degree in statistics, a related field, or
> equivalent experience)
> - S-Plus administrative experience also desirable - making it play
> properly in PC and Unix
> environments here at Pfizer
> - Unix experience required. Shell programming experience desirable
> - Vax experience desirable
> - Experience with other statistical packages desirable, especially
> CrossGraphs
Duration of contract - flexible, but good consultants
usually remain one year or more

> The position involves supporting the use of SAS, S-Plus, and
> potentially a number of other statistical packages by a user community
> which varies widely both in expertise and in the types of problems that
> they need to solve.
> Part of each week will be spent taking requests for help as a
> "statistical software support specialist" on call from our main help desk.
> Other time will be spent working on special projects such as:
> - testing statistical software, including beta testing SAS
> version 7
> - presenting to staff members on use of SAS and S-Plus and their
> features
> - application development and maintenance in SAS and S-Plus
> Pfizer is an extremely interesting and fun place to work. You will
> not be bored.
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Chris Stein
> Mgr., SAS and Statistical Software Support Services
> Pfizer Central Research
> Groton, CT 06370
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