[S] Summary of Splus Dialog Menus and TXPROP_DataFrames

Humbolt, Allen (HumboltA@kochind.com)
Wed, 30 Sep 1998 08:41:46 -0500

I've now successfully used the existing Splus properties SPropDataX and
SPropVariableX to create the drop down lists of data frames and variables
that turned my trial function into a working menu item. It appears to me
that the trick to success is to use groups and pages which reference
existing Splus properties in a PropertyList. I used the MASSdia library
suggested by Prof. Ripley as a template for ideas. It is available from
Prof. Ripely's Oxford web site (www.stats.ox.ac.uk/pub/SWin/) in a file
called VRlibc.exe.

I personally was never able to get CopyFrom=TXPROP_DataFrames and
TXPROP_DataFrameColumns to work for my application. I had an example from
MathSoft support that worked; but it utilized an internal LinePlot function
and it left me unable to decipher the precise nature of the arguments that
were passed. Indeed, this was always my problem. I could always get the
drop down menus to appear correctly in a visual sense; but I could never
seem to correctly define the precise nature of the arguments the function
expected to receive. I credit the MASSdia library for helping me understand
the wide variety of properties that are already available for use.
Judicious combinations of these existing properties was the more successful
route for me. Since there is very little documentation about the specific
details of gui issues like properties, I find the MASSdia library to provide
a very nice template for my own needs. The removeXXXmenu functions provide
nice insights into all the items that are being added to Splus (where
physically I'm still not sure) which merit some kind of monitoring and
cleanup (at some point).

Thanks to Brian Ripley, Karen Johnson, and John Gavin for their responses to
my original question.

Allen Humbolt
Quantitative Analyst
Koch Industries, Inc.

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