[S] trellis graphics

Steve Friedman (friedman@gis.umn.edu)
Fri, 02 Oct 1998 16:51:19 -0500

When trying to access trellis graphics, doing the following,
the following message appears: (I'm running Splus (version 3.3),

Spatial Stats on an SGI, everything else appears to work

> library(trellis, first=T)
Cannot execute UNIX command: Resouce temporarily unavailable
Command was: "if test -d /usr/apps/SPLUS/library/trellis/.Data" ;
then echo yes;
else echo no; fi"
> trellis.device(color=F)
Error: couldn't find function "trellis.device"

Could someone tell me if the installation is incorrectly done
here. There is a
trellis directory below /library, but it only contains a README
directory which
contains .Data and README. .Data contains __BIG, __BIGIN,
.Cat.Help, and .Help.

Why is trellis.device unavailable?


Steve Friedman friedman@gis.umn.edu
Dept. of Forest Resouces
University of Minnesota

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