[S] dyn.load() warnings

Richard E Higgs Jr (HIGGS_RICHARD_E_JR@lilly.com)
Thu, 08 Oct 1998 16:50:00 -0500

I'm using a friend's FORTRAN library linked to Splus and getting the following

Warning messages:
1: Undefined symbol: s_wsle in: dyn.load(paste(SPLINE.BIN, "spreg.o", sep =
"/"), 2)
2: Undefined symbol: do_lio in: dyn.load(paste(SPLINE.BIN, "spreg.o", sep =
"/"), 2)
3: Undefined symbol: e_wsle in: dyn.load(paste(SPLINE.BIN, "spreg.o", sep =
"/"), 2)

The code produces the correct results despite the nagging warnings.

I'm running this with Splus version 3.4 release 1 on SunOS 5.6. The FORTRAN
code was compiled with the gnu FORTRAN compiler g77.

The symbols s_wsle, do_lio, and e_wsle do not appear anywhere in the spreg.f
source code.

I checked the S news archive and didn't come up with any ideas (I'm a real
dyn.load() novice).

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Rick Higgs

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