[S] Quick notes on using ESS

A.J. Rossini (rossini@biostat.washington.edu)
08 Oct 1998 16:53:40 -0700

I recently (today) constructed a simple guide to using ESS for Splus
(Emacs Speaks Statistics, a generic IDE for developing Splus, S3, S4,
Splus5 (coming really soon now!), R, XLispStat, SAS, Stata (just about
there), Fiasco (somewhat later).

It compares the classic "command-line only" and
"cut-and-paste-from-editor" user interface methods, and how to do
similar (with better performance, fancier features) under Emacs.

(Note: ESS requires use of Unix, MS Windows process interfacing is
under (slow) development).


ESS is available from


Comments welcome.


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