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The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) is seeking to
fill the position of a


to work on an EC funded project about the influence of climate change
on water resources in Europe. The statistical analysis of the
relationships between daily rainfall and upper air data, in particular
moisture and flow characteristics, forms the main task. These
relationships are used to estimate the change in mean precipitation in
a potential future climate. Generalized linear and generalized
additive models have been used to study the link between precipitation
and other weather variables in long-duration series of observations.
The quality of these records should be critically assessed.

A University degree (MSc, PhD) with advanced statistics is required as
well as interest in meteorology and climatology. Experience with
Fortran or a comparable programming language are also required.
Familiarity with S-PLUS is extremely useful.

Appointment for the duration of the project (until 1 January 2001).

For information, please contact:
Dr T.A. Buishand
PO Box 201 Phone: + 31 30 2206450
3730 AE De Bilt Fax: + 31 30 2210407
The Netherlands E-mail: buishand@knmi.nl
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