[S] creating postscript for LaTeX?

John Castelloe (jcaste@stat.uiowa.edu)
Wed, 14 Oct 1998 11:42:53 -0500

What are the best methods to create postscript files (with reliable height
and width) from S-Plus and import them into LaTeX documents? I'm
interested in automated techiniques which could be most seamlessly
integrated into already-existing functions which create large numbers of
plots in for-loops, and which could create postscript files that don't need
to be meticulously dealt with on the LaTeX end (eg., adjustment of bounding
boxes). I'd appreciate suggestions both for the S-Plus and LaTeX end of

Also, a couple related questions: Is it possible to include special
characters (eg. Greek letters) in S-Plus graphs? What is a good way to
incorporate the placement of legends in the scheme mentioned above-- does
it need to be automatic, or can placement still be done with locator()? I
am generating large numbers of plots in for-loops, each with its own
legend. It's difficult to automate placement since I don't know in advance
which areas of the plot will have the most white space.

Thanks in advance for help,

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