[S] Logistic regression problems in standard version

Iftikhar U. Sikder (ifti@icimod.org.np)
Thu, 15 Oct 1998 12:20:08 +0000

Dear S+ users,

I am new in S+ and using S+ 4.5 Standard version. I am sorry if my
questions sound too naive. I am trying to develop a logisitc regression.
The sample data contain large number of records (more than 28,000)
derived GIS model. The report file of the Logistic Regression analysis
is attached in this mail. I would like to request if someone could help me
understand and explain the result. In addition, I've couple of questions.

(1) What is the maximum number of records that can be used?

(2) The ANOVA table does not produce Pr(chi) in standard 4.5 version. How
can I explain the result of the analysis of deviance for the sequential
addition of each variable? Or simply, how to identify the critical/significant

(3) How to get the pseudo R-square value and what value of pseudo R-square
could be considered ' satisfactory '.

(4) How is it possible to create box plots of the predictors and the
binary response using the standard version.

(5) Has anyone used step wise logistic regression in standard



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