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I'm trying to figure how to fetch a column of strings from a dataframe
via an automation client. Thus in visual basic:

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim pSPlus As Object
Set pSPlus = CreateObject("S-PLUS.Application")

Dim df As Object
Set df = pSPlus.GetObject("DataFrame", "df")

Dim col As Object
Set col = df.GetObject("character", "variables")

returned = col.ColumnDataAsArray

End Sub

Where I've made a little dataframe called "df" with a column called
(following the example from Krause and Olson, chapter 4):

> variables <- c("GDP","Pop","Inflation")
> df <- data.frame(variables)

The puzzle:
when I look at "returned" in the example I get 3 numbers (1, 3,
2) instead of 3 strings!

I've tried:
using the splus45\samples\oleauto\senddata example to fetch
a dataframe contents that I've modifed to have a column of strings. It
only fetches the first letter of each string!

Anyone have any suggestions?



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