[S] delimiting strings - thanks

sinclair, andrew (asinclair@edfman.co.uk)
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 16:46:00 +0100

There is such a function: unpaste()

Not officially supported apparently (see Scott
Chasalow's 2nd posting on the subject) -
why not I fail to see, as its a pretty essential
function to anyone who doesn't have any other
4GL available to them.

With thanks to Alan Zaslavsky, Scott Chasalow,
Stephen Smith, David James and Rolf Turner for
their kind help

>I am in need of a function that reverses what paste() does.
>> tmp <- paste( c("Hello", "World", "!!", collapse = " " )
>> tmp
>"Hello World !!"
>Now I would like to be able to do :
>> delimit(tmp, sep=" ")
>[1] "Hello" "World" "!!"
>Surely this function already exists in Splus - I just don't know of it ??
>Or maybe one of you smart guys can write a nice one-liner ?!
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