Re: [S] dyn.load

Andreas Krause (
Fri, 23 Oct 1998 10:35:52 +0200

you need to use dyn.load.shared on SGI.
This requires that you have a shared object (.so) file.
Use the Splus script to compile the code into a shared library.

Splus SHLIB -o Ccode.c
dyn.load.shared ("")

You need to give the full path for the call to Splus SHLIB.

andreas krause

Steve Friedman wrote:
> Help if you can.
> I'm using Splus on Silcon Graphic machines.
> One of the functions calls dyn.load and the system bails
> with the following message:
> Error in dyn.load(ldfile): dyn.load not available on this system.
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