[S] dyn.load.shared

Rolf Turner (rolf@math.unb.ca)
Fri, 23 Oct 1998 09:01:29 -0300 (ADT)

Andreas Krause writes in response to a question from Steve
Friedman regarding the use of dyn.load() on SGI machines,
with my delaunay package:

> you need to use dyn.load.shared on SGI.
> This requires that you have a shared object (.so) file.
> Use the Splus script to compile the code into a shared library.
> Splus SHLIB -o Ccode.so Ccode.c
> dyn.load.shared ("Ccode.so")
> You need to give the full path for the call to Splus SHLIB.

With respect to the delaunay/deldir() package --- in my experience
dyn.load.shared() ***doesn't*** work. When I tried it, everything
appeared to function as desired until I actually tried to invoke
deldir() --- at which point Splus would crash with the usual helpful
``System terminating: bus error'' message. Eventually I resorted to
static loading, which meant keeping a 6+ meg local.Sqpe around.

This was on an SGI Indy, at the University of Western Australia.

(The function deldir() runs just fine using static loading on the
Indy, and also just fine using dyn.load() under SunOS.)

A gripe: I was trying to respond to Steve Friedman last night
and could not remember the name of ``dyn.load.shared''.
(Old-timer's disease?) So I logged in to the Indy in Perth,
started up Splus and said help(dyn.load) --- thinking it would
point me to dyn.load.whatever that I couldn't remember.
But it just said ``dyn.load() not available on this system''.

How ^&%%&*^(*^&!!$E){#$R helpful can you ***GET***????


Rolf Turner
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