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I believe my situation is very similar to Eric Gibson's. I use
WinEdit for editing S-PLUS programs, cutting and pasting commands in
the S-PLUS commands window. After reading Eric's summary, in which
Chuck Taylor and Brian Ripley recommended trying the script window, I
decided to give it a shot.

Initially it was a bit awkward for me, simply because I wasn't used to
it. Cursor movement and highlighting felt different. The commands
and output appeared in the lower half of the script window instead of
in the command window. I missed the color syntax highlighting of
WinEdit, but I thought I might be able to get over that since I could
now click on the run icon instead of hitting Ctrl-c Ctrl-v all the
time. Then, S-PLUS crashed, and I lost everything in the script file.

For me, this is unacceptable. S-PLUS crashes often enough for me that
the occasional loss of unsaved material in a script file would waste a
lot of my time and effort (if not send me to the funny farm). I
appreciate the suggestion to try the script window, but for now, I
will stick to WinEdit. The color syntax highlighting comes in handy
for editing a variety of programs (for me that's primarily S-PLUS,
SQL, and SAS). That means I don't have to relearn the quirks of a
different editor every time I switch programming hats. And the
display of the cursor's location (line and column numbers) is great
for browsing and editing data stored as large text files. As for
speeding up the process, I guess I'll have to settle for an increase
in brace {} usage.


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Subject: [S] Summary of braces { }
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Dear colleagues,

Here's the original post, with replies from
Bill Dunlap and Chuck Taylor at Mathsoft
and Brian Ripley. They all give very useful
information. I'll try to give script windows a shot,
but I have been using the wordpad and pasting
since version 3.2 for windows and old habits die hard.

Thanks to all.
-Eric Gibson

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>From Chuck Taylor:

An unsolicited recommendation: Try the script window in S-PLUS 4.x
instead of Wordpad. You can open a script window by selecting
File/New/Script File. Enter your text as usual. Then you can run either
the entire file or selected text with the Run button. The Run button is
the F10 key, or, equivalently, you can click on the icon that looks like a
solid triangle pointing to the right on the bottom line of the toolbar.
This saves cutting and pasting. File/Save then saves your file as text
(with a *.ssc suffix).

You can also open a script window to create a function (say "foo") by
typing Edit(foo).

Best regards,


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>From Brian Ripley:

< a few paragraphs snipped >

The reason I know this is that the easiest way I find to work when
demonstrating with 4.5 is to have commands in a script window, highlight
them and submit them. That does submit them as a single expression. I
would think a script window is at least as useful an editor for S source as
Wordpad (if not as useful as ESS mode in NTemacs, since that gives syntax
highlighting). As a new feature, script windows are probably still highly

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