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David O. Nelson (
Fri, 23 Oct 1998 08:49:19 -0700

I too have been searching for an effective way to use S-PLUS on windows
machines, after several years of using emacs and ESS under Solaris. I have
found script windows to be quite useful, *in their place*. However, their
place is definitely *not* for creating functions. It's still way too
primitive compared to ESS, the formatting features of which have been
kindly ported to the windows environment by B. Ripley, I believe.

However, script windows ARE nice for packaging an analysis. I use the point
and shoot features to develop and execute various portions of the analysis,
and then run the whole thing, directing output to a report file for
subsequent massaging in word, excel, etc.

As for functions, though, I create them in ESS and source them in. Are
there better approaches?


At 08:55 AM 10/23/98 , Jean Adams wrote:
> I believe my situation is very similar to Eric Gibson's. I use
> WinEdit for editing S-PLUS programs, cutting and pasting commands in
> the S-PLUS commands window. After reading Eric's summary, in which
> Chuck Taylor and Brian Ripley recommended trying the script window, I
> decided to give it a shot.
> Initially it was a bit awkward for me, simply because I wasn't used to
> it. Cursor movement and highlighting felt different. The commands
> and output appeared in the lower half of the script window instead of
> in the command window. I missed the color syntax highlighting of
> WinEdit, but I thought I might be able to get over that since I could
> now click on the run icon instead of hitting Ctrl-c Ctrl-v all the
> time. Then, S-PLUS crashed, and I lost everything in the script file.
> For me, this is unacceptable. S-PLUS crashes often enough for me that
> the occasional loss of unsaved material in a script file would waste a
> lot of my time and effort (if not send me to the funny farm). I
> appreciate the suggestion to try the script window, but for now, I
> will stick to WinEdit. The color syntax highlighting comes in handy
> for editing a variety of programs (for me that's primarily S-PLUS,
> SQL, and SAS). That means I don't have to relearn the quirks of a
> different editor every time I switch programming hats. And the
> display of the cursor's location (line and column numbers) is great
> for browsing and editing data stored as large text files. As for
> speeding up the process, I guess I'll have to settle for an increase
> in brace {} usage.
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