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Subject: [S] Time series

William Checkley asked:
Does anyone know whether SPLUS can fit multivariate time series regression
models with ARMA errors? (what commands?)

As far as I know, S-Plus function `arima.mle' will fit a univariate ARIMA
model (using gaussian MLE) and allows for regressor variables via the `xreg'
optional argument.

Mulivariate versions of this do not seem to be possible with the usual
S-Plus functions in a straightforward way. However the S+GARCH module
contains the function `mgarch' which does fit multivariate time series.
the garch feature can be disengaged by setting the `formula.var' parameter
appropriately. Doing so leaves a function which fits multivariate time
series regression models.

[Don't know the answer to the second question that had been posed..]

Andrey Feuerverger / Dept Statistics / Univ of Toronto /

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