[S] barplots and different patterns for each bar

Tue, 27 Oct 1998 15:07:34 -0500

Dear colleagues,

How do I get the patterns of shading to be different in
a side-by-side barplot? I'm not referring to simply
using 2 different angles and two different densities
such as angle=c(35,135), density=c(10,50).
In SAS graph I can ask for two different patterns of shading,
such as stripes versus polka dots.

Suppose we have a set of 8 numbers representing the average
percent change from baseline in the primary variable for
all patients by treatment and week.

Week 4 8 12 16
Drug 72 68 74 78
Placebo 23 18 12 12

What follows is the code I have used for creating a side-by-side barplot.

graphsheet(width=6, height=8, pointsize=12, orientation="portrait",
units.per.inch=1, format = "wmf", file="D:\\bar.wmf",


bar1<-barplot(data, beside=T, space=c(.25,0), width=2.0, angle=c(35,135),
density=c(10,10), col=1, ylab="Percent Reduction", xlab="Weeks",
ylim=c(0,100) )

axis(side=1, at=apply(matrix(bar1,nrow=2), 2, mean),

legend(locator(1), c("Drug","Placebo"), angle=c(35,135),



Perhaps barchart is what I need rather than barplot?

Thanks in advance,
Eric Gibson, Ph.D.
Novartis Pharmaceuticals
The opinions expressed herein are those of Eric Gibson and
in no way represent Novartis Pharmaceuticals.

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