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** S-PLUS Training Courses Nov/Dec 1998 **
** FULL Details: http://www.mathsoft.co.uk **
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** 30/11 -01/12/98: Financial Modelling in S-PLUS, London **
** 15/12/98: S-PLUS Jump Start, Oxford **
** 16-17/12/98: Datat Analysis in S-PLUS, Oxford **
** 18/12/98: S-PLUS for ArcView + S+Spatial, Oxford **
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Financial Modelling in S-PLUS

30/11 - 01/12/1998, London

Presented by Dr Peter Kempthorne (Kempthorne Analytics)

This lecture style course is designed as a
fast starting point for new users of S-PLUS and as an
intensive overview of advanced statistical analytics
for finance. Course participants learn S-PLUS basics
and advanced financial analytics including volatility
modelling and factor modelling for portfolio analysis and
risk management. A detailed manual, and software libraries
containing course functions and sample data files are
presented to each course participant.

The cost of the two day course is ?995 + VAT for commercial
delegates, ?695 + VAT for academic delegates.

For a detailed course agenda: http://www.mathsoft.co.uk


S-PLUS Jump Start Course

15 Dec. 1998
Oxford, UK

This one-day S-PLUS training course provides an
introduction to the S-PLUS GUI and the S-PLUS command line language,
basic data analysis, graphics and running statistical models.
The course will be taught at an introductory level and assume no knowledge
of S-PLUS.

The cost of the course is 95 GBP + VAT for commercial delegates,
50 GBP + VAT for Academic delegates.


Data Analysis in S-PLUS

16-17 Dec. 1998
Oxford, UK

This two-day S-PLUS training course will include an
introduction to S-PLUS and the S language, basic data
analysis, graphics, data manipulation and management, S-PLUS
tricks and troubleshooting. The course will be taught at an
introductory / intermediate level. An elementary knowledge
of statistics will be assumed.

The cost of the course is 595 GBP + VAT for commercial delegates,
445 GBP + VAT for Academic delegates.


S-PLUS for ArcView GIS & S+SpatialStats
18/12/98, Oxford

S-PLUS for ArcVIew GIS is the newest add-on module for S-PLUS. This
one-day introductory training course is aimed at new and existing
users of S-PLUS who would like to evaluate S-PLUS 4.5, S-PLUS for ArcVIew
and S+SpatialStats for the purposes of analysing spatial data.

The cost of the course is 195 GBP + VAT for commercial
delegates and 95 GBP + VAT for academic delegates.


To book your place on any of the above training courses
please contact us as soon as possible at the address given
below or fill out our registration forms on the WWW:


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