[S] loading C code function on Irix 6.5 UNIX system

Jae K. Lee (jaeklee@miner.nci.nih.gov)
Fri, 30 Oct 1998 14:56:11 -0500


I'm working on S-PLUS 3.4 under SGI IRIX 6.5.
I want to load a C coded function, but dyn.load and dyn.load2
are not available in this platform. If I try to do static loading,
I got the following error message:

discover 24% Splus LOAD test.o

local_load= /opt/SHOME/newfun/lib/maps.a /opt/SHOME/newfun/lib/mathematic.a
test.o cc -I${SHOME-`Splus SHOME`}/include -cckr -O1 -o local.Sqpe
-Wl,-x S_load_time.c ${local_load} ${L}/S.a ${L}/main.a ${L}/splus.a
${L}/arima.a ${L}/Sqpe.a ${L}/lang.a ${L}/grz.a ${L}/stat.a ${L}/psl.a
${L}/linpack.a ${L}/lapack.a ${L}/blas.a ${S_LIB_Sld32: FATAL 12: Expecting n32
objects: /opt/SHOME/newfun/lib/maps.a(maps_i.o) is o32.

discover 25%

It seems to miss some library object, even though we have Fortran 90 on
the machine. Can any suggest me a good way to load the C function in this


Jae K. Lee

Jae K. Lee, Ph.D.                         Tel:  (301) 496-9572
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